Native App Redesign

UI/UX, Project Management
Project Overview
Redesigning the native app for a B2B sales enablement platform. Designed as a storytelling tool for enhancing the sales experience for a sales reps. It includes many features to aid the sales rep including features for searching, favoriting, sharing files, uploading personal sales files, editing files, video calling, and even creating pre-sales ‘playlists’.
The Challenge
This CMS needed to be something that different clients from different industries and completely different ways of running a business needed to be able to use. It needed to be designed for a variety of many use cases and accommodating clients with very specific needs while keeping a product simple and intuitive.

You might have one company using it primary for sales and analytics to keep track of their top sellers, another company that needs to update their sales materials constantly so their salespeople always have the latest and greatest files, and yet another who has tons of distrubutors and only wants to show them very specific sales files and hide the rest.