Hey there!

I'm Connor, a UI/UX designer currently living in Syracuse, NY.

Passionate about solving problems with creative & simple solutions.

Origin Story

I grew up drawing pictures, jotting game ideas and rules down on paper as often as I could. My love for games, music, and exploring fueled my creativity. I knew my career would be a perfect outlet for that.

I went to Rochester Institute of Technology and got a B.S. in Game Design and Development. Not too long after that, I realized my love for UI/UX and the creative problem solving that went along with it. I spent over 7 years with StorySlab. There, I created unique app designs for over 50 clients, all adhering to their brand and sales process.

During my time at StorySlab, I was able to build websites in both back-end and front-end capacities. From excel sheets, I designed ROI calculators for several key clients requiring custom work.  I became proficient in Figma and Sketch, while completely redesigning our content-management system and the native app that went with it, along with so many more invaluable skills.

Beyond working as a designer, I am a National Park seeker, an audiobook listener, and I enjoy games of all sorts - be it board games, video games, or backyard games.

UI/UX Design
Web Design
Product Design

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